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We protect companies and activities with Contingency and Business Continuity Plans

Only the entrepreneur knows the meaning of creating a company; from zero to one; from the idea to the first reality; to win the first project and client.

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We audit the Contingency Plans of your Strategic Suppliers

The strength of the supply chain is determined by the weakest link. The Contingency Pack service analyses and anticipates risks for Strategic Suppliers. Our objective is not to leave everything to Pareto.

Design, Implementation and Testing of Contingency and Business Continuity Plans

We design, implement, and test contingency plans, or verify existing operating plans in industrial groups. There is a clear gap between the elaboration of a plan and reality, and better to think about this when the water is calm.

Success Stories

Real cases of companies with which we have collaborated to design, implement and test holistic Contingency Plans. The operational part is of utmost importance, to ensure the continuity of supplies to the market. The operational part is of utmost importance, to ensure the continuity of supplies to the market.

The Contingency Pack method acts internally to safeguard the company, and externally to maintain commitments to its customers.

Success Story 1

Manufacturer of labels and flexible packaging in the Vallés Occidental area (Barcelona), which has implemented a Contingency Plan together with another Italian company, signing a reciprocal confidentiality agreement and a non-competitive agreement. COVID-19 highlighted its usefulness in guaranteeing supplies to its customers.

Success Story 2

Producer of labels and advertising campaigns in the Anoia area (Barcelona), which endeavours to ensure its customer service in the event of a temporary unforeseen circumstances, signing a reciprocal confidentiality agreementand a non-competitive agreement with a German company with similar production units and with commercial activity in related sectors. The agreement opens collaboration to new opportunities. Aspects of protection of industrial secrecy were addressed.

Success Story 3

Audit of Contingency Plans for Strategic Suppliers in a company in the Cosmetic field in the Barcelona area. It is based on a retrospective analysis of relevant manufacturing interruptions due to incidents in the supply chain. In addition to the purchasing and supplier selection policy, the existing contingency plans of Strategic Suppliers are explored This preventive measure has an impact on the diversification of supply contracts.

WE SAFEGUARD your company and your business against any incident.

(*) Matching is an algorithm that finds your twin company in a non-competitive environment.

To allow you to continue your productive operation, maintaining and respecting the relationship with your clients.